Capturing each pets personality.

Having cared for animals my whole life I have learned that unconditional love is all they desire. This has inspired me to take a personal step towards change. I believe memories are built from our perspective of the world and there is something special about the bond that is present between an owner and their pet.  In my vision, I capture the kindred spirit that lives within each pet. Personalizing a story within their portraits to recreate the inner image of themselves. They are what inspire me to go beyond the nature of our companionship and explore the presence they leave in our hearts.

I grew up with animals in my life since before I can remember and at a very young age I knew I would have 10 pets for sure and would pretend that I owned a zoo. Well fast forward 30 years and I have more like a mini farm but I have exceeded the animal wish. I started my animal spirit path right away getting involved with the medical industry. I learned a lot about medicine, care and behaviors when it comes to animals and knew I wanted to combine it with my love for art because animals were pieces of art to me. They made me imagine the possibilities in their eyes. Watching them interact and behave and they always looked mystical to me as a child. Now that I have twins I have realized that animals are really important in our children’s lives because they need to know how precious they are to our world and our survival.


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