A.K.A Fluffy Butt
(10 years old Schnauzer)

He enjoys playing in the water and talking a big game with his buddies. He is always sporting a new hairdo whenever you see him hence the name. He may be the oldest now but he definitely sneaks the children’s toys at every chance he can get. He will be a puppy for life in our eyes.


A.K.A. Annie Bananie
(6 years old Pitbull mix)

Annie was rescued in an ally where she was left for dead after being used as a bait dog. During the healing stage the doctors determined her back leg was to damaged and needed to be amputated. She enjoys having a huge yard to play in with tons of animals. Her favorite thing to do is play with balls and boxes.

Flynn Ryder

A.K.A. The Bunny Rabbit
(6 years old Terrier mix)

Flynn is a Jack Russel Terrier and Chihuahua mix. We rescued him as a baby when a rescue brought them in for their shots. It was love at first site he is great at cuddling and loves to be in every part of your life whether it’s walks or hanging out. His favorite activities are chasing rabbits and going for walks.

Norman & Milton

3 year old Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Milton and Norman are the best goats I have ever met. They are twins and love children. We bottled fed them when they were only a few days old and are use to kids and other animals so much that they come to event with us with the Photo Booth. They love to eat fruits and veggies the most but will nibble on your clothes just to check you out.

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