For the Love of Animals

They are what makes this all worth it.

Our mission is to provide the best care and offer convenient services that cater around animals and kids. Creating a one stop shopping experience for families with and without pets. Our goal is to emphasis the enrichment of our companion’s friendship between the people and pets. This inspiration has encouraged Feathers and Tails to establish a company that utilizes our knowledge and passion through the love of animals and education.

We cater to all your pets needs.

Personalized services, thats formulated to fit your pets unique care needs.


Your pet will be a part of our family.

Our animals in our lives have taken on a new meaning, they aren’t just property or food. They have become a part of the family. We love them, they listen to us and in some way no matter what we connect with them and naturally become less stressed. It has been proven that animals help us. Petsitting is an important part of the way we live because our pets are affected when we leave them. They can’t understand that we have to go somewhere and we will be back. They just know that they are bonded to us. I have found over the years that most pets miss their owner to some degree they do best with a pet sitting environment vs. a kennel environment. Modern way of living has changed our ways of how we treat our pets and our petsitting services offer a stress-free environment with many custom ways of accomplishing that. We are here for that.

The eye of an animal has the power to speak great wisdom without a single word.


Capturing each pets personality.

Having cared for animals my whole life I have learned that unconditional love is all they desire. This has inspired me to take a personal step towards change. I believe memories are built from our perspective of the world and there is something special about the bond that is present between an owner and their pet.  In my vision, I capture the kindred spirit that lives within each pet. Personalizing a story within their portraits to recreate the inner image of themselves. They are what inspire me to go beyond the nature of our companionship and explore the presence they leave in our hearts.

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